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What was the most important effect the killing of the Gracchus brothers had on Roman politics?
a) Romans saw that violence could be used as a political weapon
b) Lucius Cornelius Sulla named himself dictator
c) the Romans formed a triparte government
d) the government decided to give farms to poor Romans

Many nearby countries declared war on Rome because they
a) were threatened by Rome's power
b) wanted to controls Rome's military
c) were allied with Carthage
d) wanted to force Rome to trade with them

Romans who were were magistrates and Romans who took part in assemblies were both similar because both
a) could hold office for life
b) had the power to veto decisions
c) had power over all citizens
d) could serve for only one year

Which of the following is the best prediction of what might have happened if the Roman nobles had not overthrown their last king?
a) Rome would have had more kings after him
b) The King would have eventually become less cruel
c) Rome would have become a republic anyways
d) The Roman nobles would have left the city

In terms of importance to Rome's growth, which effect of Italy's climate would you rank first?
a) It prevented others from attacking Rome
b) It provided Romans with a large food supply
c) It allowed people to travel across the country
d) It made it possible for people to work outside

Which event after 88 BCE had the most important effect on the Roman republic's government?
a) Sulla named himself dictator
b) Marius gained political power through his loyal army troops
c) Spartacus led slaves to rise up and demand freedom
d) Romans caught executed 6,000 rebellious slaves

One reason the Roman trade network grew was that Romans
a) needed to bring in food from other parts of the Mediterranean
b) were becoming wealthier and had more money to spend
c) wanted to get metal goods and slaves from other areas
d) produced more food than they could consume

The center of life in ancient Rome was the
a) Palatine Hill
b) Forum
c) temple
d) Capitoline Hill

In geographic terms, Italy is
a) an island
b) a peninsula
c) a mountain range
d) a continent

In what way was the Roman law of the 12 Tables similar to the US constitution?
a) They were both first written on bronze tablets
b) They were both written to protect people's rights
c) They were both written more than 1,000 years ago
d) They were both written to protect the rights of the wealthy

After Caesar's rule, Octavian
a) persuaded Cleopatra to become Rome's ally
b) worked to capture Caesar's killers
c) established new trade routes
d) battled Gaul again

Roman roads were built primarily in order to allow
a) senators to get to the Senate
b) Rome's armies to travel through the empire
c) merchants to travel safely
d) slaves to travel into the countryside

Which of the following is the main reason why the Roman language spread to the farthest parts of the empire?
a) The Romans wrote poetry
b) The Romans wrote speeches
c) The Romans established the first school system
d) The Romans conducted business in their language

The emperor believe that by banning certain Jewish rituals, people would
a) fight harder
b) give up Judaism
c) participate in trading
d) participate in the military

Which of the following best describes why many people became Jesus's followers?
a) He traveled and taught them about his ideas
b) They read what he wrote in the Bible
c) The emperor ordered the to follow Jesus
d) The Torah told them to follow a man named Jesus

The Roman Empire fell for all of the following reasons except
a) disease
b) lack of leadership
c) increased taxes
d) corruption

Which word best describes the Roman approach to science and engineering?
a) practical
b) experimental
c) majestic
d) original

What effect did the occupation of Judea have on the Roman Empire?
a) It brought peace to the regions
b) It allowed traders to track trade routes
c) It caused the Jews to rebel against Roman rule
d) It caused the Jews to become part of the government

Which of the following best summarizes an effect the military had on farming?
a) New farming techniques began to develop
b) New crop varieties began to develop
c) There were not enough farmers to grow food
d) There were not enough soldiers to fight in the army

What effect did Theodora have on the riots in 532 CE?
a) She rewrote civil laws
b) She helped the emperor put an end to the uprising
c) She helped the people in the uprisings achieve their demands
d) She demonstrated in the uprisings herself

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