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a) blood signal
b) better sugar
c) blood sugar
d) blood squirting

a) temperature pulse respiration
b) temporary pulse and respiration
c) timed pulse and respiration
d) temperature pulse racing

a) downright complicated
b) discontinue
c) dead and cold
d) drainage with color

a) finish up
b) finally understanding
c) follow undertaker
d) follow up

a) shortness of breath
b) simply on bedrest
c) shortness of bones
d) still on bedrest

a) emergency medical team
b) emergency medical technician
c) emergency medical transcriber
d) erupting medical tragedy

a) medical assortment
b) medical article
c) medical assistant
d) minor assistant

What is ASAP
a) as soon as possible
b) as soon as pertinent
c) as soon as plausible
d) always send apple pie

a) in and out
b) intake and output
c) intake and outgoing
d) into and out of

a) within normal lines
b) within near limits
c) with normal layers
d) within normal limits

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