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Which of the following must be true for the hardy-weinberg equation to be used
a) Individuals go through mutations
b) Populations must have random mating
c) Populations may experience genetic drift
d) Populations must experience natural selection

Which of the following symbols in the hardy-weinberg equation represent Heterozygous indiviudals
a) P
b) q
c) Pq
d) None of the above

If a population with a recessive allele (w) has an allele frequency of 0.3, what is the allele frequency of the dominant trait (W)?
a) 1.2
b) 0.7
c) 0.5
d) 0.49

Which of the following best describe gene flow?
a) Organisms best adapted to survive in an environment will, and will be capable of reproducing
b) This is when a new species is made as a result of reproductive isolation
c) A new member with different traits enters an environment and adds it's alleles into the gene pool of the population
d) Gene flow is the frequency of a particular allele in a population

The recessive allele h has a frequency of .4, what is the frequency of homozygous dominant individuals?
a) 0.6
b) 0.77
c) 0.16
d) 0.36

What is allele frequency?
a) How often an allele appears in a given population
b) How many populations have a particular allele
c) How many alleles are seen in a population
d) None of the above

Which of the following represent the heterozygous individuals in the hardy-weinberg equation?
a) P
b) 2Pq
c) q
d) None of the above

Which of the following is the definition of natural selection?
a) When the frequency of an allele is dependent upon traits desired by the opposite sex
b) When a new allele is introduced to a population through immigration into a new population
c) The frequency of an allele is dependent upon an organisms ability to survive and and reproduce.
d) All of the above

Any change in the allele frequency of a population due to random chance is caused by ___________ _________
a) Gene Flow
b) Genetic Drift
c) Natural Selection
d) None of the above

If an allele frequency is dependent upon the presence of a trait desirable to the opposite sex, the major factor controlling allele frequency is ___________ __________
a) Sexual Selection
b) Natural Selection
c) Gene Flow
d) None of the above

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