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Cows that give more milk than other cows are an exampple of
a) natural variation
b) natural selection
c) survival of the fittest
d) struggle to survive

The practice of breeding dogs to produce offspring with specific traits is an example of
a) artificial selection
b) natural selection
c) natural variation
d) artificial variation

Natural selection is the same as
a) survival of the fittest
b) struggle for existence
c) artificial selection
d) descent with modification

A human’s appendix and a skink’s legs are examples of
a) vestigial organ
b) fitness
c) homologous organ
d) analogous organ

when the two extremes on a bell curve are selected for
a) disruptive
b) selective
c) directional
d) stabalizing

What principle states that the frequency of an allele in a population will remain constant unless one or more factors cause that frequency to change?
a) the Hardy-Weinberg principle
b) the genetic-drift principle
c) the speciation principle
d) the genetic equilibrium principle

Which of the following is required to maintain genetic equilibrium?
a) No mutations occur
b) The population must be small.
c) Individuals move between populations.
d) Natural selection occurs.

A species that is easily recognizable, existed for a relatively short period of time, and covered a widegeographic area may be used as a(an)
a) index fossil
b) fossil record
c) microfossil
d) macrofossil

When a paleontologist measures the amount of an isotope present in a fossil, what dating technique is being used?
a) radiometric, radioactive, absolute dating
b) relative dating
c) geological dating
d) fossil dating

Huge numbers of species disappear at once during
a) mass extinction
b) punctuated equilibrium
c) adaptive radiation
d) coevolution

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