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If you used all three beams on a balance, how would you determine the mass?
a) Find the mean.
b) Add only the numbers on the front and back beams.
c) Add the three numbers together from all the beams.
d) Only look at the front beam and record the mass.

a mL is equivalent to
a) a cubic centimeter
b) a cubic kilometer
c) a cubic gram
d) a cubic millimeter

If the density of an object is 10 g/mL and its mass is 600 grams, then its volume must be...
a) 6,000 mL
b) 60 mL
c) 590 mL
d) 0.017 mL

factors that you keep the same in an experiment to make the test fair
a) inferences
b) observations
c) constants
d) variables

a) independent
b) dependent

A graduated cylinder has 20 mL of water. A rock is added and the level rises to 26.5 mL. The volume of the rock is...
a) 6.5 L
b) 6.5 mL
c) 26.5 mL
d) 20 mL

also called responding
a) dependent
b) controlled
c) independent

also called independent
a) dependent
b) responding
c) constants
d) manipulated

metric conversion: 7.5 kg = _________ g
a) 75,000
b) .0075
c) 7,500
d) .75

metric prefix that means one hundredth
a) kilo
b) hecto
c) centi
d) milli

amount of matter
a) volume
b) mass
c) density
d) gram

volume of a cube that has a height of 3.5 cm
a) 10.5 cubic cm
b) 7 cubic cm
c) 42.875 cubic cm

which is not a scientific instrument
a) triple beam balance
b) graduated cylinder
c) beaker
d) liter

volume = 20 mL; mass = 4 g; density =?
a) 5 g/mL
b) 80 g/mL
c) 5 mL/g
d) .20 g/mL

which is not a metric unit for mass
a) pounds
b) kilograms
c) grams
d) milligrams

which is not a metric unit for temperature
a) Celsius
b) Fahrenheit
c) Kelvin

formula for volume of a rectangular prism
a) length x volume x mass
b) length x width x height
c) length x width x density
d) mass/volume

not a metric unit
a) Kelvin
b) inch
c) kilometer
d) centigram

the question you are asking in an experiment is your...
a) problem
b) experiment
c) control
d) variable

Which is not an instrument that we have used in this class?
a) graduated cylinder
b) triple beam balance
c) metric ruler
d) spring scale

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