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A lone elephant joining another herd of elephants is an example of
a) emigration
b) immigration
c) parasitism
d) exponential growth

What type of graph is in the shape of a J
a) expontial
b) logistic
c) stabalizing
d) disruptive

On a graph of population growth, the size of the population when the growth rate decreases to zero represents an area’s
a) carrying capacity
b) density-dependent limiting factor.
c) density-independent limiting factor.
d) predator-prey relationship.

Parasitism is an example of a
a) density-dependent limiting factor.
b) seasonal cycle.
c) predator-prey relationship.
d) density-independent limiting factor.

A resource that cannot be replenished quickly by natural processes is called
a) non renewable
b) scarce
c) renewable
d) stockpile

The sum total of the variety of organisms in the The sum total of the variety of organisms in the
a) biodiversity
b) biomagnification
c) bioaccumulation
d) species diversity

Development can split a habitat into smaller parts, in an effect known as
a) habitat fragmentation
b) habitat conservation
c) ecosystem diversity
d) none of the answers

Populations that are introduced into a new habitat and reproduce rapidly are known as
a) invasive species
b) diverse species
c) parasites
d) predators

The increasing concentration of a harmful substance in organisms at higher trophic levels in a food chain or food web is called
a) biomagnification
b) desertification
c) biodiversity
d) genetic drift

In ecology, what term is used to describe the wise management of natural resources?
a) conservation
b) renewable
c) equilibrium
d) green

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