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What do we call people who buy products or services?
a) producers
b) exporters
c) consumers
d) market

What is to vocabulary word that means to permanently leave one country for another?
a) immigration
b) emigration
c) export
d) import

What is the name of the location where Muslim followers gather to pray and worship?
a) Church
b) Synagogue
c) Temple
d) Mosque

What do we call the way of life of a group of people who share traditions, interests, and beliefs?
a) Market
b) Culture
c) Karma
d) Economy

Which religion follows the Eightfold Path?
a) Buddhism
b) Hinduism
c) Islam
d) Judaism

What is the religion Christianity based on?
a) It is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ
b) It is based on the teachings of Buddha
c) It is based on the teachings of Muhammad
d) It is based on the teachings of Abraham

Where did Christianity and Judaism originate?
a) Saudi Arabia
b) India
c) Europe
d) Israel / Palestine

Where did Hinduism and Buddhism originate?
a) United States
b) Saudi Arabia
c) Israel / Palestine
d) India

Another name for the founder Siddhartha Gautama who was a Hindu prince that became enlightened?
a) Abraham
b) Moses
c) The Buddha
d) Rabbi

What is the Christian holy book or scriptures?
a) Torah
b) Bible
c) Tripitaka
d) Qur'an

This is the all powerful god of Hinduism that creates the universe again and again?
a) Allah
b) God
c) Brahman (Brahma)
d) Yahweh

The god of Islam is known as?
a) Allah
b) God
c) Yahweh
d) Buddha

What is the difference between depreciate and appreciate?
a) Depreciate means to gain value and appreciate means to lose value.
b) Appreciate means to gain value and depreciate means to lose value.
c) Appreciate means to give up and depreciate means to give.
d) Depreciate means to give up and appreciate means to give.

What is the term for someone who does not have any belief in god or gods.
a) Hebrew
b) Christian
c) Muslim
d) Athiest

Who is the founder of Judaism?
a) Abraham
b) Muhammad
c) Jesus Christ
d) Siddhartha Gautama

Who believes that the question of God's existence is unanswerable?
a) Muslims
b) Christians
c) Hebrews
d) Agnostics

Islamic followers practice the five pillars of faith. Which is not part of these five pillars?
a) Pray 5 times a day
b) Read the Torah
c) Give to the poor
d) Fast and make a pilgrimage to Mecca

Who is the patriarch of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism?
a) Moses
b) Abraham
c) Buddha
d) Muhammad

Where do Christians gather to worship?
a) Temple
b) Church
c) Mosque
d) Synagogue

What is the term for the scattering of Jewish followers around the world?
a) Exodus
b) Imports
c) Diaspora
d) Exports

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