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Which term refers to ceramic made of fine clay baked at very high temperatures?
a) porcelain
b) steppe
c) monopoly
d) seismograph

Which term refers to artistic handwriting?
a) porcelain
b) census
c) calligraphy
d) seismograph

Which term refers to flat, dry grassland?
a) seismograph
b) silk road
c) monopoly
d) steppe

Which verb means to bring together as one?
a) unify
b) cenus
c) transfer
d) convert

Which term means to copy something from one surface onto another by contact?
a) unify
b) transfer
c) convert
d) census

Which term refers to counting up the number of people in a country?
a) contact
b) steppe
c) monopoly
d) census

Which term refers to uncivilized people?
a) barbarians
b) seismograph
c) nomads
d) foreigners

What is a long fictional story?
a) seismograph
b) steppe
c) non-fiction
d) novel

Which term means to bring from one belief to another? (like one religion to another)
a) transfer
b) convert
c) change
d) unify

What is a market in which there are many buyers but only one seller?
a) silk road
b) monopoly
c) porcelain
d) calligraphy

What is the ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean Sea that links China to the Roman Empire?
a) China-Rome Roadway
b) Trade Highway
c) Silk Road
d) Chinese Connector

Which term refers to a device that measures the strength of an earthquake?
a) porcelain
b) seismograph
c) steppe
d) monopoly

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