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Microscopic animal like organisms and immature larva of aquatic animals
a) zooplankton
b) nektoplankton
c) benthoplankton
d) phytoplankton

An accumulation of nutrients that results in excessive plant growth causing increased aquatic organism death due to oxygen depletion.
a) eutrophication
b) infestation
c) bloomtastic
d) photosynthesis

Responsible planning, monitoring and care of resources.
a) stewardship
b) chemosynthesis
c) photosynthesis
d) recycling

Microscopic plant like organisms.
a) zooplankton
b) eutrophication
c) phytoplankton
d) upwelling

Drifting organisms that rely primarily on ocean currents for transportation.
a) conservation
b) plankton
c) benthos
d) nekton

Organisms found at the bottom of a body of water.
a) nektos
b) planktos
c) botton
d) benthos

Free swimming organisms.
a) plankton
b) nekton
c) phytoplankton
d) zooplankton

A process by which organisms use the energy released by chemical reactions to make energy instead of light.
a) phytoplankton
b) nekton
c) chemosynthesis
d) conservation

Wind moves surface water causing cool nutrient rich water to be pulled to the surface.
a) upwelling
b) plankton
c) eutrophication
d) stewardship

Restoration or protection of important resources.
a) stewardship
b) restoration
c) conservation
d) chemosynthesis

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