3rd Nine Week Review-adaptations, Natural Selection Question Preview (ID: 41241)

Adaptations Questions.[print questions]

Which of the following statements about reproduction is true?
a) sexual reproduction involves one parent and the offspring has their DNA in a different order
b) sexual reproduction involves two parents and the offspring have a combination of DNA from each parent
c) asexual reproduction involves one parent and the offspring is dramatically different from the parent
d) asexual reproduction invovles two parents and the offspring are genetically identical to one of the parents

If an island had more black jaguars than spotted jaguars-what is most likely the explantation?
a) over time, the jaguars decided that black was the best color to survive in their environment
b) the temperature of the island caused the jaguars coats to be black
c) black jaguars are mating with other black jaguars-which means the black gene has a better chance of being passed down
d) spotted jaguars are better at camouflaging

A farmer has been using a weed killer to keep weeds from growing near his corn crops. A weed called kikuya died at first but then many kikuya plants were still alive after his week treatment. Which of the following best explains it?
a) The weed killer killed all of the other weeds in the garden and this let the kikuya thrive.
b) As some of the kikuya were strong enough to survive,they produced offspring that were also likely to survive the weed killer
c) the weed killer changed over time and adapted to kill the corn plants not the weeds
d) The corn plants passed their survival genes to the kikuya so more of them lived

Which is most true regarding offspring of asexual reproduction?
a) the offspring came from two parents and each is identical to the other
b) the offspring came from one parent and has two copies of the parents DNA
c) the offspring came from one parent and are identical to the parent
d) the offspring came from two parents and are genetically diverse

process in which only organisms best suited to a particular environment survive
a) adaptation
b) selective breeding
c) variation
d) natural selection

When using a dichotomous key-which step/questions should you always start with?
a) Step one
b) Step 10
c) The step that matches the number of the organism you are classifying
d) it does not matter-you can start on any step

HIbernation is an example of a
a) structual adaptation
b) physiological adaptation
c) behavioral adaptation
d) a variation

Being able to maintain a constant body temperature or a stable amount of sugar in your blood are example of-
a) structural adaptation
b) physiological adaptation
c) behavioral adaptation
d) instinctual adaptation

Eagles have long talons to catch fish. These talons would be an example of a-
a) structural adaptation
b) behavioral adaptation
c) physiological adaptation
d) selecting breeding

The traveling of some animals over long distance from season to season is called-
a) hibernation
b) migration
c) humiliation
d) mimicry

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