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What are the products of photosynthesis?
a) oxygen and carbohydrates
b) water and sugars
c) carbon dioxide and carbohydrates
d) water and energy

Which of the following types of organisms obtain energy by eating only plants?
a) omnivores and carnivores
b) omnivores and herbivores
c) c. carnivores only
d) herbivores

What are organisms that feed on plant and animal remains and other dead matter called?
a) detritivores
b) decomposers
c) omnivores
d) herbivores

What is the one-way flow of energy in an ecosystem called?
a) food web
b) energy pyramid
c) biomass pyramid
d) food chain

What is each step in a food chain or food web called?
a) trophic level
b) limiting level
c) ecological pyramid
d) biomass

What type of single-celled algae are supported by nutrients in water and form the base of aquatic food webs?
a) phytoplankton
b) sphagnum
c) detritus
d) zooplankton

What type of ecosystem occurs in tropical climates and contains dominant species of salt-tolerant woody plants?
a) magrove swamp
b) salt marsh
c) benthic
d) wetland

Which one of the following is NOT a freshwater wetland?
a) salt marsh
b) marsh
c) swamp
d) bog

What type of wetland forms when a freshwater source meets the ocean?
a) estuary
b) mangrove swamp
c) bog
d) sal;t marsh

What time of ecosystem exsists at the bottom of the ocean
a) benthos
b) wetland
c) photic
d) salt marsh

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