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How does the result of sexual reproduction differ from asexual reproduction?
a) Uniformity in the genetic makeup of the species allows the species to continue for more generations.
b) The genetic characteristics of the species do not vary.
c) Offspring with genetic variations are more likely to survive and reproduce.
d) Offspring with no genetic variations are more likely to survive and reproduce.

What is a characteristic of asexual reproduction?
a) involvement of two parents
b) genetic variation
c) genetic mutations
d) consistency in population

Which process does NOT explain sexual reproduction?
a) A bacteria splits in half and develops into two bacteria.
b) A female salmon lays eggs on a rock and a male salmon swim by and fertilizes the eggs.
c) A female frog releases eggs and a male frog releases sperm into the water for external fertilization.
d) A hummingbird spreads pollen between flowers during feeding.

Asexual reproduction is a process in which offspring receive genetic material from one parent, making them identical to the parent. Which reproductive process does not result in uniform offspring?
a) budding
b) cross-pollination
c) binary fission
d) spore formation

Organisms that reproduce sexually will produce...
a) uniform offspring
b) prokaryotic offsprring
c) recessive offspring
d) diverse offspring

E. coli bacteria reproduce quickly. Given appropriate conditions, the bacteria can grow, divide, and multiply into colonies within hours. Which method does E. coli bacteria use to reproduce?
a) uniform reproduction
b) sexual reproduction
c) asexual reproduction
d) genetic variation

A class completes a comparative study of uniform and divers offspring. Which conclusion is supported by the investigation?
a) Sexual reproduction produces uniform offspring.
b) Asexual reproduction produces diverse offspring.
c) Asexual reproduction produces offspring with mutations.
d) Sexual reproduction produces diverse offspring.

A group of students observes bacteria reproduction under a microscope. What safety equipment should be used during the investigation?
a) apron and goggles
b) gloves and goggles
c) apron, gloves, and goggles
d) apron and gloves

A group of students examines how lady bugs pass traits to offspring They ovserve several generations of lady bugs during the investigation. Which tool would be most appropriate for students to use during the investigation?
a) test tube
b) beaker
c) computer
d) hand lens

Which characteristic is NOT true of sexual reproduction?
a) diverse offspring
b) two parents
c) genetic variations
d) vegetative propagation

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