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An strructure on or in the body that increases an organisms fitness
a) anatomical adaptation
b) physiological adaptation
c) behavioral adaptation
d) adaptation

A response to either an environmental cue or social interaction that increases an organisms fitness
a) behavioral adaptation
b) anatomical adaptation
c) physiological adaptation
d) adaptation

An internal response or reaction that increases an organisms fitness
a) physiological adaptation
b) behavioral adaptation
c) anatomical adaptation
d) adaptation

signal to which an organism responds
a) stimulus
b) signal
c) adaptation
d) none of tha answers

learning process by which an animal decreases or stops its response to a repetitive stimulus that neither rewards nor harms it
a) habituation
b) learned
c) imprinting
d) instinct

learning process in which an animal learns to behave in a certain way through repeated practice, in order to receive a reward or avoid punishment; also called trial-and-error learn
a) operant conditioning
b) learned response
c) classical conditioning
d) imprinting

learning based on early experience; once it has occurred, the behavior cannot be changed
a) imprinting
b) operant
c) classical
d) insight

behavioral cycle that occurs in a daily pattern
a) circadian rhythms
b) migration
c) insight
d) none of the answers

type of behavior in which an animal sends out stimuli—such as sounds, visual displays, or chemicals—in order to attract a member of the opposite sex
a) courtship
b) mating
c) partnering
d) territorial displays

periodic movement and return of animals from one place to another
a) migration
b) immigration
c) emigration
d) sublimation

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