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What type of government does Australia have?
a) Parliamentary Democracy
b) Presidential Democracy
c) Confederation
d) Oligarchy

What is the role of citizens in a democracy?
a) choose leaders
b) follow a dictator
c) a few rule
d) cannot vote

Who is the head of government in Australia?
a) Prime Minister
b) President
c) Chancellor
d) Captain

The monarch of Great Britain is the head of state of Australia because it is what type of government?
a) constitutional monarchy
b) authoritarian dictatorship
c) religious oligarchy
d) presidential democracy

Who do the people elect in Australia?
a) parliament
b) prime minister
c) president
d) supreme court

Who are the native people of Australia?
a) Aborigines
b) Eskimos
c) Cherokee
d) Aztecs

What are the spiritual beliefs of the Aborigines called?
a) Dreamtime
b) Catholicism
c) Baptist
d) Judaism

Who claimed Australia for Great Britain in 1770?
a) James Cook
b) Samuel de Champlain
c) Hernan Cortez
d) Christopher Columbus

What is the major language of Australia?
a) English
b) Spanish
c) French
d) Aborigines

What is the major religion of Australia?
a) Christianity
b) Islam
c) Judaism
d) Buddism

What disease did Europeans bring that killed many Aborigines?
a) small pox
b) pneumonia
c) cancer
d) chicken pox

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