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Which of the following does not release carbon dioxide when it is used as an energy source?
a) Petroleum
b) Coal
c) Natural Gas
d) Wind

The wise use of natural resources is called
a) Production
b) Conservation
c) Biomass
d) Restoration

Most of the energy in the United States comes from
a) Oil and Natural Gas
b) Coal and Nuclear Energy
c) Natural gas and Biomass
d) Hydropower and oil

Which of the following would be the best location for a hydroelectric power plant?
a) In a dry open field that receives direct sunlight
b) Near a large river with a waterfall
c) Beside a small human made pond
d) In a dense and fast growing forrest

Why do many solar energy systems require batteries?
a) Solar energy produces very small amounts of electricity
b) The batteries store energy for use when there is no sunlight
c) The batteries reflect sunlight onto fluid filled pipes.
d) Energy cannot be used directly from a solar cell.

What energy change takes place in a photovoltaic cell?
a) Light energy to heat energy
b) Light energy to electrical energy
c) Electrical energy to light energy
d) Chemical energy to light energy

Which of these is a fossil fuel?
a) Hydroelectric energy
b) Geothermal energy
c) Natural Gas
d) Wind Energy

Which of the following best explains why fossil fuel supplies are limited?
a) Fossil fuels formed over millions of years, and they are being used more quickly than they can be replaced.
b) Only small amounts of fossil fuels ever formed, and early humans used most of the available supply.
c) Fossil fuels exist in very large quantities, but they are difficult for scientists to locate
d) People are not allowed to use large amounts of fossil fuels.

Which statement about coal is false?
a) Burning coal causes air pollution.
b) The waste from burning coal must be stored securely for a very long time.
c) Mining coal can damage land and pollute water sources.
d) Burning Coal Produces a large amount of energy.

All of the following energy sources create greenhouse gasses except
a) Coal
b) Natural Gas
c) Solar
d) Petrolium

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