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This Is A Test On The Charles Manson And His Trial.[print questions]

Why was rope used in the Tate murders?
a) To kill the victims
b) To restrict movement by the victims
c) To open the door of the house
d) To get over the fence of the household

Which person discovered a gun some distance from the Tate murder scene?
a) Forensic scientists at the crime scene
b) The police
c) A man while running
d) A boy living nearby

Why was Steven Parent shot at the Tate crime scene?
a) He was one of the four occupants in the house.
b) He was driving nearby and was seen by the Family followers.
c) He was a guard at the house.
d) Charles Manson did not like him.

Where did the pieces of hair come from at the LaBianca crime scene?
a) Mrs. LaBianca
b) The LaBianca's dog
c) Manson cult Family followers
d) Mr. LaBianca

Why did Charles Manson start a life of crime?
a) His mother neglected him and he needed to support himself.
b) He started to take drugs and could not stop.
c) He was thrown out of school.
d) He was just an evil person.

How were the fingerprints from the Tate residence created?
a) They were created using cyanoacrylate (glue) methods.
b) They were already visible, so they did not need to be created.
c) They were created using a chemical powder.

How many subtypes of blood did the forensic chemist from both cases get at the LaBianca crime scene?
a) 21
b) 10
c) 0
d) 41

Why were the Charles Manson and three of his cult Family followers given life in prison sentences?
a) The Supreme Court of the U.S. outlawed the death penalty.
b) The California Supreme Court outlawed the death penalty.
c) The jury at their trial gave them this sentence.
d) People rallied in support of a lighter sentence for the convicted.

How many people were estimated to be in Manson's cult Family?
a) 75
b) 50
c) 90
d) 100

Is Charles Manson is still alive today and where, if so?
a) No
b) Yes; in prison
c) Yes; in Los Angeles
d) Yes; in Georgia

Which of the following did NOT cause problems during the investigation?
a) Miscommunications between the LAPD and the Los Angeles Sheriff's Office
b) Theatrics by Manson's Cult Family
c) Errors by Officers/ Investigators at the Crime Scene

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