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A temporary committee which is often formed to conduct investigations
a) Standning Committee
b) Select Committee
c) Joint Committee
d) Rules Committee

Assistants to the floor leaders
a) Incumbents
b) Minority Leader
c) Majority Leader
d) Whips

The official who presides over the Senate when the President of the Senate is absent.
a) President Pro Tempore
b) Majority Leader
c) Speaker of the House
d) Vice President

Who is the most powerful person in the Senate?
a) President Pro Tempore
b) Majority Leader
c) Speaker of the House
d) Whip

Who is the President of the Senate?
a) Whip
b) Speaker of the House
c) Majority Leader
d) Vice President

Who presides over the House of Representatives?
a) Vice President
b) President Pro Tempore
c) Speaker of the House
d) Floor Leader

A permanent committee that deals with a specific subject or area is a
a) rules committe
b) joint committee
c) standing committee
d) select committee

Who are the leaders of each political party in Congress that tries to pass key legislation for its members?
a) Lobbyists
b) Incumbents
c) Whips
d) Floor Leaders

What is the most powerful committee in Congress?
a) Conference Committee
b) Joint Committee
c) Rules Committee
d) Select Committee

A person who has been defeated in an election attempt but remains is office i called a
a) lame duck
b) constituent
c) delegate
d) whip

How long is a Congressional term?
a) 1 year
b) 2 years
c) 4 years
d) 6 years

Which is an example of a joint session of Congress?
a) Congress choosing the Speaker of the House
b) Congress hearing the President's State of the Union message
c) Congress proposing an amendment
d) Congress impeaching the President

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