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Estuaries Vocab Unit Review.[print questions]

An area of water where the fresh water from a river meets the salt water from the sea.
a) Estuary
b) salinity
c) bioindicator
d) turbidity

The amount of dissolved salts in a body of water.
a) toxin
b) pesticide
c) salinity
d) biodiversity

A variety of compounds that are essential to the growth and survival of living organisms.
a) estuary
b) point-source pollution
c) bioluminescence
d) nutrients

Possessing the ability to reproduce offspring or grow living things.
a) salinity
b) fertile
c) toxin
d) pesticide

A poisonous substance that causes harm to living organisms.
a) point-source pollution
b) toxin
c) nonpoint-source pollution
d) turbidity

Any single identifiable source of pollution from which pollutants are discharged.
a) indirect pollution
b) nonpoint source pollution
c) point-source pollution
d) direct pollution

Pollution that occurs as a result of multiple factors that can not be specifically identified.
a) nonpoint-source pollution
b) source pollution
c) intrusive pollution
d) chemical toxins

A living organism that gives us an idea of the health of an ecosystem.
a) biodiversity
b) bioluminescent
c) biology
d) bioindicator

The measure of cloudiness in a body of water.
a) salinity
b) turbidity
c) temperature
d) pH

A substance used to kill, repel, or control organisms that are considered to be pests.
a) herbicide
b) cyanide
c) pesticide
d) genocide

The variety of living organisms in a particular area
a) biodiversity
b) toxins
c) estuary
d) nutrients

The emission of light by living creatures through biochemical reactions.
a) electricity
b) idk
c) biodiversity
d) bioluminescence

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