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The movement of large numbers of people to cities is known as
a) emission.
b) distortion.
c) immigration.
d) urbanization.

Toronto’s Official Plan encourages infill instead of urban sprawl. Which of these is the best example of infill?
a) constructing a new airport on farm fields
b) building a transit system to link city suburbs
c) filling in wetlands to create space for a new shopping mall
d) replacing an abandoned factory with a new apartment building

Where is the suburb of a city most likely to be located?
a) on the urban fringe
b) inside the urban core
c) in a mixed-use neighborhood
d) outside the urban growth boundary

Which of the following is a major concern of people who oppose urban sprawl?
a) habitat loss
b) affordable housing
c) subsistence farming
d) point-source pollution

Which of these vegetation zones covers most of the Amazon basin?
a) desert scrub
b) mixed forest
c) temperate grassland
d) broadleaf evergreen forest

Which of these physical features runs through the countries of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina?
a) Amazon River
b) Caribbean Sea
c) Andes Mountains
d) Yucatén Peninsula

Which of the following describes the most typical uses for land in the countries of Central America?
a) hunting and gathering
b) trade and manufacturing
c) commercial fishing and forestry
d) subsistence and commercial farming

What is the main difference between point-source and non-point-source pollution?
a) how toxic the pollution is
b) where the pollution comes from
c) what time of year the pollution occurs
d) what animals are harmed by the pollution

The sea lamprey and zebra mussel are part of which of these Great Lakes ecosystem problems?
a) wetland loss
b) invasive species
c) algae explosions
d) point-source pollution

How were the Great Lakes created?
a) by the clearing of forests
b) by the damming of rivers
c) by the melting of glaciers
d) by the shrinking of oceans

Which of these is the main reason why so few people live in Canada’s Northern Region?
a) dense forests
b) few resources
c) rugged mountains
d) harsh winters

An ecumene is a region that is well suited to permanent settlement. Which of these best defines Canada’secumene?
a) the plains region
b) the border region
c) the tundra region
d) the subarctic region

Which of the following is the largest urban center in Canada?
a) Calgary
b) Montreal
c) Toronto
d) Vancouver

Which of these places has a humid continental climate?
a) Florida
b) Massachusetts
c) Prince Edward Island
d) Texas

What is the most common type of vegetation in the central area of both southern Canad and the United States?
a) temperate grasslands
b) desert scrub
c) deciduous forest
d) coniferous forest

What do geographers call the unequal distribution of wealth and resources in a specific geographic area?
a) economic activity
b) population density
c) relative location
d) spatial inequality

Which of these is the most important “pull factor” that draws farm families to Mexico City?
a) apartment living
b) communal land
c) economic opportunity
d) spatial inequality

Which term describes a group that has lived in an area since before it was taken over by outsiders?
a) indigenous people
b) foreign immigrants
c) plural society
d) political refugees

A traditional culture is based mainly on which of the following?
a) ancestors' ways of life
b) speaking two languages
c) slash-and-burn agriculture
d) adapting to modern society

What has happened to the traditional Mayan religious beliefs in Guatemala?
a) They have disappeared.
b) They are followed in secret.
c) They have blended with Catholicism.
d) They have replaced the Catholic faith.

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