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In order to survive, all organisms must have
a) chlorophyll
b) carbon dioxide
c) energy
d) blood

Different species of carnivorous animals that share the same habitat in an ecosystem may
a) become decomposers
b) compete for food
c) produce their own food
d) mate with each other

The process of a fertilized egg, to a tadpole, to an adult frog is an example of
a) asexual reproduction
b) ecological succession
c) photosynthesis
d) metamorphosis

In an ecosystem that includes a snail, water, fish, green plant, and a rock, one consumer in this tank is the
a) water
b) fish
c) rock
d) green plant

An environmental factor that may contribute to the increase in the rabbit population is
a) decrease in resources
b) decrease in predators
c) increase in disease
d) increase in pollution

How are these two organisms classified?
a) same kingdom, different species
b) same kingdom, same species
c) different kingdoms, same species
d) different kingdoms, different species

Which term describes an organism’s ability to maintain a stable internal environment?
a) reproduction
b) extinction
c) locomotion
d) regulation

A life cycle is best described as the
a) series of changes in the development of an organism
b) movement of an organism from place to place
c) ability of an organism to adapt to its environment
d) flow of energy through an organism’s community

A diagram shows a deer and green plants, which statement best describes the relationship between the deer and the plants?
a) The deer supplies food and oxygen to the green plants.
b) The deer supplies food and carbon dioxide to the green plants.
c) The green plants supply food and carbon dioxide to the deer.
d) The green plants supply food and oxygen to the deer.

Grasses, shrubs, and trees are called producers because they make
a) water
b) minerals
c) food
d) carbon dioxide

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