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Which statement is true of all rocks?
a) Rocks contain organic material.
b) Rocks contain fossils.
c) Rocks are composed of minerals.
d) Rocks are formed in layers.

Igneous rocks are formed by
a) weathering
b) cementation
c) volcanic activity
d) sedimentation

Which process is mostly responsible for the breaking down of the cliffs into sand-sized sediment?
a) weathering
b) faulting
c) folding
d) precipitation

Weathering and erosion of Earth's crust are primarily caused by
a) gravity
b) volcanic activity
c) evaporation
d) sedimentation

The San Andreas Fault, located in California and the spot of much earthquake activity, is the result of
a) overpopulation
b) a large glacier
c) weathering and erosion
d) crustal plate movement

If shell fragments are foudn in a rock sample, it is most likely that the rock formed
a) on a mountain slope
b) on a glacier
c) from magma
d) in shallow water

Rocks that are formed primarily from deposition, compaction and cementation are
a) igneous rocks
b) sedimentary rocks
c) metamorphic rocks
d) volcanic rocks

Which is the correct order of the layers of the Earth from the inside out?
a) mantle, crust, inner core, outer core
b) inner core, outer core, crust, mantle
c) inner core, outer core, mantle, crust
d) crust, mantle, outer core, inner core

The volcanoes located primarily along the coasts of the Pacific Ocean are known as
a) The Ring of Fire
b) The Mid-Pacific Ridge
c) The Marianna Trench
d) The Coastal Borders

All of the following are geological events except
a) earthquake
b) volcano
c) geyser
d) hurricane

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