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When a new substance is formed
a) Chemical change
b) Fireworks
c) Energy
d) Physical change

An example of a chemical change
a) Fireworks
b) Physical change
c) Chemical change
d) Energy

This can be released during a chemical change
a) Energy
b) Fireworks
c) Physical change
d) Chemical change

To make different without changing what the material is made of, such as cutting, folding, or melting
a) Fireworks
b) Chemical change
c) Physical change
d) Energy

A _______________________ causes the formation of a new substance.
a) chemical reaction
b) metal
c) color
d) density

Rain can cause ________ to form on a metal swing set.
a) rust
b) density
c) metal
d) color

Rust occurs because of the _________ being exposed to moisture over a long period of time
a) metal
b) density
c) chemical reaction
d) rust

Question 2 Two items are combined inside a balloon. The balloon is tied shut. What observation would indicate that mixing the chemical produced a gas?
a) The balloon can hold a liquid.
b) The balloon increases in volume.
c) The balloon becomes cold.
d) The balloon was tied shut.

Students heat a white solid in a test tube over a flame. What observation would tell the students that the solid has become a new substance?
a) the temperature of the solid increases.
b) The color of the solid changes to amber.
c) The solid begins to melt within the test tube.
d) The solid is in the form of crystals.

A liquid and a solid are combined to form a mixture. Which procedure would most likely produce evidence that a chemical change occurs?
a) Observe the color both of the liquid and the solid before mixing.
b) Measure the volume of the mixture after the components were combined.
c) Determine the time it took for the liquids to combine completely.
d) Record the temperature of the substances before and after mixing.

Two clear substances are combined inside a plastic bag. The plastic bag is tightly sealed. What observation would indicate that mixing the chemical produced a new substance?
a) The substance in the bag becomes warm.
b) the bag is transparent.
c) The substances are clear.
d) The bag can hold a liquid.

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