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Which statement illustrates Newton's first law?
a) As a care comes to a stop, the passengers continue to move forward
b) A ball rolling across the floor eventually slows down
c) A stone will not move unless something pushes or pulls it.
d) all of the above

Which object has the greatest inertia?
a) volleyball
b) golf ball
c) bowling ball
d) pingpong ball

if an equal force is applied to two objects of equal mass, the acceleration of the first object will be ______________ the acceleration of the second object.
a) greater than
b) less than
c) the same as
d) the opposite of

One Newton of force will give a mass of 1kg an acceleration of __________
a) 9.8 m/s
b) 1 m/s
c) 9.8 m/s2
d) 1m/s2

What force causes a skater sliding on the ice to gradually slow down?
a) inertia
b) resistance
c) friction
d) acceleration

a force of 240N causes an object to accelerate at 3.2 m/s2. What is the mass of the object? (F=ma)
a) 768 kg
b) .013 kg
c) 240 kg
d) 75 kg

a .25 kg steel ball experiences a net force of 1.15 N as it rolls down a ramp. What is the acceleration of the ball? (F=ma)
a) 4.6 m/s2
b) 1.4 m/s2
c) 4.6 m/s
d) 1.4 m/s

Which of the following will result in the greatest acceleration? (a = F/m)
a) a large force acting on a large mass
b) a large force acting on a small mass
c) a small force acting on a large mass
d) a small force acting on a small mass

a seat belt helps you when your car stops suddenly by providing a(n)
a) unbalanced forward force
b) balanced backward force
c) unbalanced backward force
d) balanced forward force

what unbalanced force is needed to give a 976 kg vehicle an acceleration
a) 390 N
b) 390 lb
c) 244 N
d) 244 lb

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