8th Grade -unit 4 Test Question Preview (ID: 41125)

Geological Time Scale.[print questions]

Principal of uniformitarianism?
a) an asteroid impact
b) a mass extinction
c) steady erosion
d) a large earthquake

Event that could cause immediate changes in Earth’s global climate?
a) asteroid impact
b) continental drift
c) fossil formation
d) mass extinction

Which of the following are two kinds of trace fossils?
a) shells and bones
b) tracks and burrows
c) bee and beetle in amber
d) petrified and mummified fossils

Which of the following arrangements would show the concept of relative dating?
a) forming a line in the order of age
b) forming a line in the order of height
c) forming a line in the order of weight
d) forming a line in the order of birth month

Law of crosscutting relationships explain the age of a fault caused by an earthquake?
a) The fault is older than the rocks above it.
b) The fault is younger than the rocks above it.
c) The fault is older than the rocks it cuts through.
d) The fault is younger than the rocks it cuts through.

Which of the following phrases represents the age of the rock in years?
a) half-life of the rock
b) absolute age of the rock
c) radiocarbon age of the rock
d) age of the index fossil in the rock

Which statement explains why she can more easily date the granite sample?
a) The granite is older.
b) The granite is igneous.
c) The granite is younger.
d) The granite is sedimentary.

What is the approximate age of Earth?
a) 4.6 billion years
b) 4.6 million years
c) 46,000 years
d) 4,600 years

First organism that released oxygen into Earth’s atmosphere, changing its composition?
a) trees
b) lichen
c) foraminifera
d) cyanobacteria

When did Earth's atmosphere change due to living organisms?
a) Cenozoic Era
b) Mesozoic Era
c) Paleozoic Era
d) Precambrian time

Which of the following changes to Earth's surface most likely happened as a result?
a) sea level increased
b) sea level decreased
c) rates of erosion increased
d) rates of erosion decreased

Which of these statements describes a key characteristic of index fossils?
a) They are similar to other fossils.
b) They existed in a unique location.
c) They existed for a short span of time.
d) They are present in very small numbers.

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