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What number is Martin Luther ranked in The 100 Book?
a) 15
b) 20
c) 25
d) 75

There is a school in Danbury, CT named after Martin Luther. What is it?
a) Immanuel Lutheran
b) Immaculate
c) Danbury High School
d) St. Martin's

Martin Luther was found guilty of heresy, like Joan of Arc. What was his punishment?
a) Burned at the stake
b) Life in a Church prison
c) Placed under House Arrest for the rest of his life
d) Excommunicated from the Church

Martin Luther did not want to start a new religion, he just wanted:
a) Reform - change
b) Re-birth- new ideas
c) Renewal of sacraments
d) Review of the religious laws

The Pope called Martin Luther a:
a) Great leader
b) Great teacher
c) Great priest
d) Great heretic

Martin Luther complained about the authority of
a) the Pope
b) the Bishop
c) the Arch Bishop
d) the Princes of Germany

What is the name of the book Martin Luther wrote?
a) 95 Crimes
b) 95 Thesis
c) The Prince
d) The 95 Book

Where was Martin Luther from?
a) England
b) France
c) Prussia
d) Germany

Martin Luther was upset with the Catholic Church over the sale of:
a) Church land
b) Church school
c) Indulgences
d) The Gutenberg Bible

Normally, what happens to a person if they are found guilty of heresy by the Catholic Church?
a) Excommunicated or kicked out of the Church
b) Banished for life
c) Sentenced to Hell
d) Burned at the stake

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