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A Review Of Machiavelli.[print questions]

According to Machiavelli, a ruler should get power with the use of:
a) Force
b) Peace
c) Discussion with the enemy
d) None of the above

What family ruled in Florence during Machiavelli's time?
a) DaVinci
b) DeMedici
c) Machiavelli
d) Tudor

How many books did Machiavelli write?
a) 4
b) 3
c) 2
d) 5

In order to succeed, a Prince must IGNORE:
a) Other people's opinions
b) Moral consideration
c) The weather
d) His advisors

It is much safer to be feared than _____________________.
a) Hated
b) Loved
c) Feared
d) Enjoyed

Machiavelli has been called the _____________ incarnated.
a) Messiah
b) Devil
c) Lord
d) Next great leader

Machiavelli stressed how people do behave and how men ____________ achieve power.
a) should
b) would
c) actually
d) want to

What number is Machiavelli ranked in The 100 Book?
a) 79
b) 77
c) 89
d) 97

Machiavelli is considered to be:
a) An idiot in the political world.
b) The founder of modern political thought.
c) The best military strategist from Italy.
d) The founder of modern psychological thought.

What book was Machiavelli's most famous book?
a) The Art of War
b) The 100 Book
c) The Prince
d) How to get away with murder

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