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Which of the following are abiotic factors?
a) birds
b) rabbits
c) water
d) micro organisms

Don went to the park and witness many biotic factors. Which of the following are biotic factors?
a) water
b) fish
c) temperature
d) rocks

An autotroph living in a ecosystem could also be called
a) a producer
b) a consumer
c) a decomposer
d) a scavenger

All the populations of organisms living together in an environment are called the -
a) organism
b) population
c) community
d) ecosystem

All the biotic and abiotic in an environment make up -
a) an organism
b) a population
c) a community
d) an ecosystem

All the organisms of the same kind living in the same environment is called -
a) organisms
b) population
c) community
d) ecosystem

If the following factor was increase, it would decrease the amount of biotic factors in an ecosystem. What is it?
a) producers
b) consumers
c) autotrophs
d) decomposers

What organism does a food chain always begin with?
a) consumer
b) decomposer
c) producer
d) population

All the squirrels, insects, and trees in an area make up -
a) an organism
b) a population
c) a community
d) an ecosystem

Which of the following choices are only abiotic factors?
a) mountains, insects, rocks
b) lions, grass, trees
c) temperature, sunlight, rocks
d) fish, water, sea horses

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