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What are things that peole make or grow that can be purcahsed called?
a) goods
b) wants
c) needs
d) services

Before people used money, what did most people do to get the things they needed?
a) bartered
b) borrowed
c) begged
d) stole

What is money that is put away to keep or spend later called?
a) savings
b) taxes
c) a loan
d) credit

Which of these methods of transportation might Abraham Lincoln have used?
a) a horse-drawn wagon
b) a rocket
c) a skateboard
d) an electric wheelchair

What stands for the states on the American flag?
a) the stars
b) the pole
c) the blue background
d) the stripes

Which of these means that people are treated fairly?
a) equality under the law
b) voting
c) citizenship
d) liberty

Which of these is our National Anthem that honors the flag?
a) The Star Spangled Banner
b) The Pledge of Allegiance
c) God Bless the USA
d) This Land is Your Land

Which of these words means
a) community
b) team
c) classroom
d) club

Which of these was used when the Declaration of Independence was signed?
a) Liberty Bell
b) canon
c) model T- car
d) Statue of Liberty

Pictures on maps that stand for something else are called.......
a) symbols
b) towns
c) borders
d) photos

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