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Why is the shape of an enzyme important?
a) The enzyme and substrate have to fit together like a puzzle piece
b) The smaller the shapes the quicker the reaction takes place
c) Certain shapes do not work
d) It is not important

What is the function of enzymes in biological systems
a) Enzymes act as products to create new chemical reactions
b) Enzymes act as substrates when the necessary proteins are unavailable
c) Enzymes bond with substrates to create the new reaction products
d) Enzymes act as catalysts to drive chemical reactions forward.

What factors can affect an enzyme catalyzed reaction?
a) pH and Temp
b) pH and lipids
c) Temperature and lipids
d) Temperature and light

Why are enzymes important to living organisms?
a) Without them we couldn't get the water we need
b) Without them reactions would be too slow
c) Without them reactions would be too fast
d) Enzymes are not needed.

Enzymes typically end with what suffix?
a) -ose
b) -ase
c) -ise
d) -ide

The lock and key model of an enzyme explains that....
a) A substrate is required to open an enzyme
b) Many enzymes fit into one enzyme
c) Shape matters, and only one substrate fits one enzyme
d) Enzymes have to have the shape shape as their substrate

Enzymes work by...
a) Lowering the activation energy needed to start a reaction
b) Increasing the energy of a reaction
c) Increasing the amount of reactants to a chemical reaction
d) Increasing the activation energy

What is a substrate?
a) The energy source for a reaction
b) A molecule that inhibits a reaction
c) The molecule that is created from an enzyme reaction
d) The molecule that an enzyme works on

Enzymes are made of which macromolecule?
a) Lipids
b) Proteins
c) Carbohydrates
d) Nucleic Acids

What is activation energy?
a) The total energy released from a chemical reaction
b) The total energy stored in a chemical reaction
c) The amount of energy required to start a reaction
d) The energy needed to activate an enzyme

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