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When using the scientific method, what needs to be done before you can research a problem?
a) Make a conclusion
b) Make a hypothesis
c) State the problem
d) Record data

In the following list, what unit of measurement is missing? Kilometer, Centimeter, Millimeter
a) Meter
b) Inch
c) Foot
d) Liter

What are the three fossil fuels?
a) biomass, geothermal, coal
b) coal oil, solar
c) oil, coal, hydroelectric
d) natural gas, coal, oil

Describe what happens to water when a cloud is made
a) Water is released from other clouds and the droplets join to make a new cloud
b) Water vapor condenses on small particles of dust in the air
c) Water vapor freezes into a solid
d) Water vapor consenses on other clouds to make bigger clouds

What are the parts of an atom
a) nucleus, electron, proton, compound
b) nucleus, neutron, proton, electricity
c) core, electron, proton, neutron
d) nucleus, electron, proton, neutron

How many elements are there in the world?
a) About 100
b) About 1,000
c) About 50
d) About 500

What is the chemical formula for water
a) HO2
b) 2HO
c) H2O
d) OH2

Which of the following is an example of a chemical change?
a) burning a fuel
b) cutting wood
c) melting ice
d) tearing paper

Why is water called the universal solvent?
a) it dissolves a few substances
b) It dissolves many different substances
c) It is a polar molecule
d) It has specific heat

What does the term abiotic mean?
a) nonliving
b) living
c) biology
d) anything related to water

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