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Washington Through Jackson.[print questions]

1. Favored a strong national government 2. favored a national bank 3. was supported by bankers, merchants, and other businessmen. These describe which political party that was formed in the U.S. in the 1790s?
a) Whig
b) Populist
c) Federalist
d) Democratic-Republican

In 1790, Alexander Hamilton proposed the creation of a national bank. Which of the following is one of the reasons that people like Thomas Jefferson opposed the creation of a national bank?
a) There was a high probability that the bank would fail
b) The bank would cause high inflation, and it would harm the economy
c) The Constitution did not specifically grant the government the power to create the bank
d) The bank was not necessary because the federal government did not have any money

President Thomas Jefferson approved the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. He and other Democratic-Republicans had doubts about the decision, however, because
a) the purchase would possibly make the U.S. too large to remain a single united country
b) the Constitution never said that the president has authority to make land purchases
c) the purchase had been supported by the Federalists, who were Jefferson's opponents
d) the Constitution clearly defined U.S. territory as being east of the Mississippi River

The Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans had very different views about Britain and France. The Democratic-Republicans favored France, who had supported the colonies during the Revolution. The Federalists favored Britain because they
a) feared the growing strength of the French
b) hoped for aid in defending against Native Americans
c) wanted to avoid repaying debts from the Revolution
d) wanted to maintain trade with the British

Which statement best describes Hamilton's views on how the Constitution should be interpreted?
a) he favored a strict interpretation of the Constitution
b) he favored an inconsistent interpretation of the Constitution
c) he favored a partisan interpretation of the Constitution
d) he favored a broad interpretation of the Constitution

President Washington signed into law the Judiciary Act of 1789, which established the federal court system. What was the result of this act?
a) federal judicial power was inferior to that of the states
b) the Federalists threatened to call another constitutional convention
c) it became difficult for federal law to be enforced by the states
d) the entire act was declared unconstitutional in 1803 because of Marbury v. Madison

John Adams was the first president of the U.S. to belong to a political party. Parties arose during the presidency of George Washington and were sharply divided over the issue of
a) whether or not to invade British Canada
b) American expansion into the western frontier
c) how to build new roads in the United States
d) how powerful the federal government should be

The Monroe Doctrine was issued in response to which of the following events?
a) several Latin American countries gained their independence
b) the United States acquired Alaska from Russia
c) southern states seceded from the Union
d) Mexico and the United States fought the Mexican War

What was one of the causes of the War of 1812?
a) the United States had refused to pay its war debts from the American Revolution
b) the British were seizing American sailors and making them serve in the British Navy
c) Many of the European countries were still collecting illegal taxes from American businesses
d) the U.S., Great Britain, and France were all claiming ownership of the land that is currently Canada

Which of the following battles of the War of 1812 took place after the Treaty of Ghent was signed and was the most decisive American victory of the war?
a) Battle of Queenston
b) Battle of Crysler's Farm
c) Battle of Balitmore
d) Battle of New Orleans

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