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What almost caused a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union?
a) The United States wanted the sugar cane crop that the Soviet Union was buying from Cuba.
b) Fidel Castro allowed the Soviet Union to build a nuclear missile launch complex in Cuba, (Cuban Missile Crisis).
c) The Soviet Union wanted to show the Cubans that they were strong friends.
d) Kennedy did not like the leader of Soviet Union.

Why does Latin America, specifically Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Mexico, experience a drug problem?
a) There is a lot of government corruption and involvement with drug cartels.
b) The Andes Mountains and the Sierra Madre Mountains limit trade of certain products.
c) It is one of the only products that can be produced due to the climate.
d) Since independence was won, Latin America can only export these goods.

What is one effect of slavery that still influences Latin America today?
a) Slavery still exists in most Latin American countries.
b) The people of Latin America accept slavery as part of their lives.
c) Many Latin Americans have ancestors from Africa.
d) Latin America doesn't have any people with ancestors from Africa.

What was the Columbian Exchange?
a) Only sending animals and plants from the Old World (Europe) to the New World (Americas).
b) Only sending animals and plants from the New World (Americas) to the Old World (Europe).
c) The moving of animals, plants, ideas, and diseases from the Old World to the New World and vice versa.
d) The moving of animals, plants, ideas, and diseases from Central and South America to North America.

Who might have said the following quote? I see so much wealth in this country but I have no job. I live in a hut with a dirt floor. I am sick and tired of these dictators controlling the people of Cuba
a) U.S. Senator
b) Fulgencio Batista
c) Fidel Castro
d) Poor Cuban citizen

Where did Europeans in the sixteenth century find a replacement labor source for work in the New World (Americas)?
a) Indigenous people of Australia
b) Peasants from Spain and Portugal
c) Slaves from Africa
d) Settlers that came from Europe

The African slave trade grew because European nations wanted the captured Africans to work on the plantations in their colonies. What MAIN advantage would slave labor give to Europeans?
a) An increase in the number of soldiers in European armies.
b) Inexpensive labor and economic profit.
c) Economic profit and cultural diversity.
d) The ability to sell manufactured goods at a lower cost.

Spain colonized many countries in Latin America. How is Spain's influence still seen in these countries today?
a) Most of the people in these countries are Roman Catholic.
b) The king of Spain is still the head of state in most of these countries.
c) Native American customs and languages have completely disappeared.
d) Most of these countries have a strong democratic tradition.

Which is the BEST explanation for why Latin America is such a diverse culture region today?
a) Migration of ancient peoples from Asia.
b) Conquest of the Aztecs by the Spaniards.
c) Intermarriage of European settlers and indigenous peoples.
d) Importation of slaves to the West Indies.

Explain how abolishing slavery and gaining independence from European countries impacted the life in Latin America.
a) People realized the importance of learning how to read and write due to Simon Bolivar's efforts.
b) Many people protested and wanted to continue to be governed by European Countries.
c) Many people moved into the cities since there was no need for agriculture production.
d) It paved the way for corrupt government leaders and underdeveloped economies.

Poverty in Latin America is one of its worst common problems. What is one cause for this continued problem?
a) Government spending too little on human services
b) Population growth
c) Government spending too little on the military
d) Stable governments

Which of the following statements is TRUE about migration and its effect in South America?
a) Africans came to the continent to spread their language and religion.
b) No other ethnic group migrated to South America resulting in the security to Native American culture.
c) Europeans migrated to South America bringing cultural influences to portions of the continent which were colonized.
d) Incas migrated eastward into Brazil bringing their early advancements to a less developed area.

Latin America is largely dominated by Roman Catholicism in Latin America, what could be a possible NEGATIVE result from this?
a) Providing opportunities for people in all the major religions.
b) Disregarding rights of people in other religions because their numbers are so small.
c) Equal rights for everyone in the minority groups and no rights provided for individuals practicing Roman Catholicism.
d) Fidel Castro only allowing non religious people to voice their opinions.

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