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Washington Through Jackson.[print questions]

What area was bought from France in 1803?
a) Louisiana Territory
b) Mexican Cession
c) Pacific Northwest
d) Texas Annexation

Which U.S. president released a doctrine that stated the United States would no longer allow European powers to colonize the Western Hemisphere?
a) George Washington
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Andrew Jackson
d) James Monroe

Democratic Republicans were led by Thomas Jefferson, opposed to the creation of a national bank, and ?
a) supported a broad interpretation of the Constitution
b) supported merchants and traders
c) were opposed to a strong national government
d) favored an alliance with Great Britain

Who served as a translator for Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on their expedition of the Louisiana Territory?
a) Squanto
b) Geronimo
c) Sacajawea
d) Tecumseh

Which law signed by Andrew Jackson in 1830 led to the Trail of Tears, which moved Native Americans west of the Mississippi River?
a) Indian Removal Act
b) Indian Reorganization act
c) Indian Movement Act
d) Indian Claims Limitation Act

Which of the following was a warning George Washington issued in his Farewell Address?
a) Washington told Americans their first priority for the new nation was a road
b) Washington warned against entering into extended treaties with other nations
c) Washington warned Americans to fight against the institution of slavery.
d) Washington argued for the American people to support the French and Indian War

In what way have humans modified their environment in order to make it possible to connect the nation like never before?
a) building canals and roads
b) building dams and reservoirs
c) building airports and highways
d) building railroads and bridges

How did the construction of the Eric Canal improve transportation in the United States in the 1820s?
a) the canal connected the Great Lakes to the Ohio River
b) the canal connected the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean
c) the canal connected the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean
d) the canal connected the Mississippi River to the Great Lakes

Following the Revolutionary War, the United States was heavily in debt. Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton proposed that the federal government do which of the following?
a) close all state banks
b) borrow money from Great Britain
c) promote southern agriculture
d) create a national bank

What was the significance of the Marbury v. Madison case that was argued before the Supreme Court in 1803?
a) this was the first court case to be argued before the Supreme Court
b) this was the first time that the Supreme Court ruled on a case involving slavery
c) this was the first time that the Supreme Court ruled on a case involving states' rights
d) this was the first time that the Supreme Court had declared an act of Congress constitutional

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