7th Grade Unit 4 Test Question Preview (ID: 41082)

The Test Is Over Weather And Climate.[print questions]

Which of the following is a measure of the force with which molecules in the atmosphere push on a surface?
a) air pressure
b) temperature
c) precipitation
d) relative humidity

One measure of weather includes the maximum distance at which large objects can be seen and identified with the unaided eye. What does this describe?
a) visibility
b) wind speed
c) air pressure
d) temperature

Beryl reads a thermometer. The pointer is between the 24 and the 25. Which of these would be an appropriate unit of measurement for this reading?
a) °C
b) cm
c) kL
d) mg

Condensation is part of the water cycle and also plays a role in the weather. Which of the following directly results from condensation?
a) Ice forms
b) clouds form
c) dew evaporates
d) strong winds develop

Ocean currents influence weather. Which ocean current directly affects the weather along the southernmost coast of the eastern United States?
a) Gulf stream
b) Monsoon Current
c) North Atlantic Drift
d) South Pacific Equatorial Current

Visitors to Florida sometimes complain about the high humidity. What does high humidity indicate?
a) a cool temperature
b) a high pressure system
c) an approaching cold front
d) a high amount of water vapor in the air

In which climate zone is most of the United States located?
a) polar
b) tropical
c) temperate
d) sub-tropical

Surface currents can affect climate and weather. What are surface currents?
a) daily changes in the level of ocean water
b) water that empties from rivers into the ocean
c) slow mixing of warm and cold water near the surface of the ocean
d) stream-like movements of water that happen near the surface of the ocean

How are the movements of tectonic plates related to natural climate change?
a) Tectonic plate movement causes cyclical climate change.
b) Tectonic plate movement has no connection to climate change.
c) Tectonic plate movement causes change as continents move and oceans change.
d) Tectonic plate movement causes rapid climate change because it increases the levels of greenhouse gases.

Which of the following is a human activity that can cause climate change?
a) burning fossil fuels
b) removing greenhouse gases
c) using alternative energy sources
d) increasing particulates from volcanoes

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