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Which weather condition is not represented in a station model?
a) Rain
b) Temperature
c) Wind Direction
d) Tornados

The increase in which substance allowed land animals to evolve?
a) Water
b) Free oxygen
c) Free nitrogen
d) Poison gas

Which of the following would have the highest average kinetic energy?
a) Room temperature tap water
b) An ice cube
c) A cup of warm tomato soup
d) a pot of boiling water

Which of the following environmental changes is likely to take place over the longest period of time?
a) Asteroid impact
b) Oil spill
c) Forest Succession
d) Forest fire

What percentage of the Earth's water is fresh water?
a) About 3%
b) About 29%
c) About 71%
d) About 97%

Which 2 characteristics determine the type of climatic zone, or biome, of a given area?
a) Animal life and temperature
b) Population size and plant life
c) Temperature and precipitation
d) precipitation and animal life

Which type of cloud is usually associated with thunderstorms?
a) Cirrus
b) Cumulus
c) Stratus
d) None of the above

Which two abiotic factors are most important in determining the characteristics of any biome?
a) Temperature and precipitation
b) Jet streams and oceans
c) Animal life and temperature
d) Precipitation and plant life

Which type of biome has hot summers, cold winters, and year-round precipitation?
a) Rain forest
b) Tundra
c) Temperate forest
d) Savanna

Which tool would a student use to measure the volume of a pop-can?
a) Ruler
b) Balance
c) Graduated cylinder
d) Timer

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