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Large landowners were most likely found in
a) the south
b) the Mid Atlantic
c) New England
d) New Jersey

Women could do all the following EXCEPT:
a) Vote
b) care for children
c) farm
d) earn money

Indentured servants and slaves were different in the following ways.
a) Indentured servants were freed eventually and chose to work for the masters. Slaves were never freed and had no choices.
b) Indentured servants worked for 7 years and slaves had to work for 12 years before they were freed.
c) Indentured servants were paid a salary and slaves were not paid.
d) Indentured servants lived in the large plantation houses and slaves lived in the slaves quarters.

The ____?_____ appointed the Colonial Governors.
a) King
b) Queen
c) proprietary judges
d) local people

Who said this? On Sunday I am going to church near the Appalachian Mountains. All week I work as a merchant and pay taxes to England. Tomorrow I will vote at the town meeting.
a) A colonist of Massachusetts
b) A colonist of New Jersey
c) A colonist of Georgia
d) A colonist of Virginia

Shipbuilding, fishing and Industry is most likely to be found in
a) New England
b) Mid Atlantic
c) Early Colonies
d) Southern

The first permanent settlement in the New World was founded by
a) The Virginia Company of London
b) Sir Walter Raleigh
c) Dwayne Johnson
d) Puritans

Market Towns were an important part of the civic/ political life of the ___?__ colonies.
a) Mid Atlantic
b) Southern
c) New England
d) Early

The processing of raw materials is called
a) industry
b) waste
c) manufacturing
d) merchandising

The Appalachian Mountains served as the western border of the ________ Colonies
a) All of them
b) New England
c) Southern
d) Mid-Atlantic

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