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Getting A Job.[print questions]

Employers prefer to hire people with work experience.
a) True
b) False

Which of the following should you NOT do in an interview?
a) Shake hands
b) Ask questions
c) Take notes
d) Use phone

In most states, working under the age of 16 requires what?
a) a driver's license
b) parent permission
c) work permit
d) you to be older

One advantage of obtaining an eduation is
a) becoming a better worker
b) being likely to make more money than people with less eduction
c) being guaranteed that you will always get the best jobs
d) being smarter than other people

What does taking initiative mean?
a) Doing what is required.
b) Showing up early to work each day.
c) Taking advantage of job training.
d) Doing something without having to be told to do it.

Which statement is most true
a) Employers are influenced by the way you dress
b) Employers like people who dress their age
c) First impressions are usually false
d) When going to a job interview, you should wear casual clothes

Which statement is true?
a) All jobs require drug testing
b) Good jobs require a person to have a driver's license
c) Some jobs require drug testing
d) The best job are taken

All of the following are important at a job interview except
a) being dressed appropriately
b) the type of car you drive
c) having clean finger nails
d) using standard English when speaking

Which of the following is the best option to explain body language
a) talking with your hands
b) smiling
c) tapping your foot
d) nonverbal communication

Experienced workers
a) need less training
b) have to work overtime more often
c) need more training
d) have to work overtime less often

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