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4th 6 Weeks.[print questions]

Which is NOT a job of a decomposer?
a) Returns nutrients to the soil
b) Breaks down dead stuff
c) Makes its own food
d) Feeds on waste

How long does it take Earth to make 1 complete rotation on its axis?
a) 24 hours
b) 48 hours
c) 12 hours
d) 365 days

What step of the water cycle does the sun directly cause?
a) Evaporation
b) Condensation
c) Precipitation
d) Accumulation

Which happens every 24 hours
a) Earth revolves around the sun
b) Earth makes one rotation
c) Moon rotates on its axis
d) Sun revolves around the Earth

Which statement below describes climate?
a) Yesterday it was hotter than today
b) Lubbock is part of an arid and windy environment
c) It is 76 degrees right now in Lubbock
d) There is a 50% chance of precipitation today

Which of the following receives its energy directly from the sun?
a) Producer
b) Consumer
c) Decomposer
d) Omnivore

Which of the following shows one living thing interacting with another living thing?
a) Sea turtles laying their eggs in the sand.
b) A mole digging a tunnel in the sandy soil.
c) A bird catching a worm for food.
d) A fish using the oxygen from water to breathe.

Why does it look like the sun is moving across the sky?
a) The moon is revolving around the Earth
b) The Earth is rotating around the sun
c) The Earth is revolving around the sun
d) The Earth is rotating on its axis

Which of the following shows a living thing interacting with a nonliving thing?
a) A tiger catching its prey
b) A lizard laying on a rock to get sunshine
c) Frogs catching flies
d) Chipmunks eating acorns

Which of the following describes both the Earth and the moon?
a) Both have an atmosphere
b) Both have craters
c) Both have water
d) Both have weather

Which describes a consumer?
a) Makes its own food
b) Gets food by eating other organisms
c) Can only eat dead stuff
d) Doesn't eat anything at all

All of the following show one living thing depending on another living thing EXCEPT---
a) Birds catching insects living in the grass
b) A frog cooling off in a pond
c) Fish eating plants and other smaller fish
d) Bees gathering pollen from flowers

Which statement best describes weather rather than climate?
a) It is typically warm and sunny in Southern California.
b) Over the last century, average temperatures have increased in West Texas.
c) It is usually rainy and windy in Seattle, Washington.
d) We had more rain last year than we did this year.

Which shows a correct example of the flow of energy in a food chain?
a) Sun transfers energy to producers
b) Producers transfer energy to producers
c) Decomposers transfer energy to producers
d) Consumers transfer energy to producers

Which of the following describes the sun?
a) It has many craters
b) It has no atmosphere
c) It is made of gases and is a medium sized star
d) It has warm and windy weather

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