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In guinea pigs black fur is dominant over white, what combination of alles can a black guinea pig have?
a) All of the above
b) None of the above
c) one dominant and one recessive
d) two dominant

If a mouse has two recessive alles for brown fur, what color would it be?
a) brown
b) grey
c) Gey and brown
d) Geyish brown

What did Gregor Mendel give to science?
a) He studied the heredity in pea plants
b) He discovered cells.
c) He discovered chromososmes.
d) He invented the microscope.

What are the factors that control traits or characteristic in organism.
a) genes
b) purebred
c) nucleus
d) dominant

the gene for short stem
a) the gene for short stem
b) the gene for tall stems
c) hybrid
d) heterozygous

two recessive
a) two recessive
b) one recessive and one dominant
c) two dominant
d) one dominant

The gene for white fur.
a) The gene for white fur.
b) The gene for grey fur.
c) All of the above.
d) None of the above.

Which is true about osmosis?
a) Osmosis does not require energy.
b) Osmosis refers to the transport of material other than water.
c) Osmosis requires the cell to use energy.
d) Osmosis stores energy.

Active transport requires ...............
a) energy.
b) water.
c) diffusion.
d) water.

Which is not part of the cell theory?
a) All cells have a nucleus.
b) All cells come from other cells.
c) The cell is the basic unit in function and structure for all living things.
d) All living things have cells.

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