Social Studies Basic Knowledge Question Preview (ID: 410)

Test Your Basic Knowledge Of Social Studies Topics In Third Grade. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which word means "where people live"?
a) location
b) climate
c) population
d) weather

Which word means "a very long time ago"?
a) ancient
b) aged
c) old
d) past

What word means "an official member of a country"?
a) citizen
b) population
c) designer
d) foreigner

What is a model of the Earth called?
a) globe
b) almanac
c) atlas
d) map

What does a compass rose show on a map?
a) North, South, East, and West
b) the number of miles between places
c) how much something weighs
d) the name of the towns

What direction is oppostie of southeast?
a) northwest
b) northeast
c) south
d) west

Which best describes a timeline?
a) a chart that shows the sequence of past or present events in order
b) plan that shows the estimated time to get from one city to another
c) a map that shows all the rivers in the state
d) a list of the television shows children enjoy watching

What are laws?
a) written rules that help keep people safe and living peacefully together
b) ways that people suggest you should behave
c) promises people make when you vote for them
d) feelings about our country

A community that has lots of houses, some stores, and not much area of open land is a ......
a) suburb
b) rural
c) urban
d) village

What American symbol is on Ellis Island outside of New York City?
a) Statue of Liberty
b) Liberty Bell
c) Washington Monument
d) Grand Canyon

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