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photograph of chromosomes grouped in order in pairs
a) Karyotype
b) DNA
c) Pedigree
d) None of the answers

chart that shows the relationships within a family
a) pedigree
b) karyottype
c) DNA
d) Trophic Map

error in meiosis in which homologous chromosomes fail to separate
a) non dysjunction
b) failure to seperate
c) non autosomal
d) non translocation

analysis of sections of DNA that have little or no known function, but vary widely from one individual to another, in order to identify individuals
a) DNA fingerprint
b) DNA footprint
c) Carbon footprint
d) none of the answers

specific characteristic that varies from one individual to another
a) trait
b) gene
c) allele
d) none of the above

term used to refer to an organism that has two identical alleles for a particular trait
a) homozygous
b) heterozygous
c) recessive
d) dominant

member of a population of genetically identical cells produced from a single cell
a) clone
b) transgenic
c) non dysjunction
d) haploid

term used to refer to an organism that contains genes from other organisms
a) transgenic
b) omnigenic
c) nondysjunction
d) clone

Used to represent a non affected male in a pedigree
a) unshaded square
b) shaded square
c) unshaded circle
d) shaded circle

Represents a carrier female
a) half shaded circle
b) shaded square
c) unshaded circle
d) none of the answers

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