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Organisms are classified as insects based on their
a) method of reproduction
b) form of communication
c) natural habitat
d) internal and external structures

Nutrients from digested food enter the blood stream through the process of
a) absorption
b) secretion
c) respiration
d) elimination

The kidneys, which remove dissolved wastes from the blood, are organs of the
a) endocrine system
b) nervous system
c) skeletal system
d) excretory system

Which two systems of a rabbit\'s body must be working together for the rabbit to run away from a fox?
a) digestive and endocrine
b) excretory and respiratory
c) muscular and skeletal
d) reproductive and nervous

In which process is oxygen used to release the energy stored in food
a) photosynthesis
b) repiration
c) reproduction
d) digestion

Infectious diseases are caused by
a) allergies
b) chemical spills
c) microorganisms
d) vitamin deficiencies

What is the function of DNA in a cell
a) regulating the movement of nutrients
b) provided energy for activities
c) carrying genetic material
d) storing and releasing chemicals

What is the main function of the circulatory system?
a) secrete enzymes
b) transport materials
c) produce hormones
d) digest proteins

Cells are to tissues as tissues are to
a) microbes
b) organs
c) systems
d) bacteria

When a person breathes, the lungs absorb oxygen, which is used by cells to carry out the process of
a) respiration
b) secretion
c) photosynthesis
d) excretion

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