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The Federal Government must provide funding for any laws that cost more than
a) 50 million
b) 30 million
c) 20 million
d) 10 million

When environmental and social conditions are linked across political boundries it can be refered to as
a) globalization
b) a problem
c) sustainability
d) none of the answers are correct

MARPOL address
a) ocean pollution
b) Market stabilization
c) Land erosion
d) vegatation clearing

He founded the Sierra club
a) John Muir
b) Henry Sam
c) Roosevelt
d) Jacque Cousteau

Management of national parks is the responsibility of the
a) National Park services
b) Recreation foundation
c) Park Foundation
d) National rec center

The Forest Service was created by
a) Roosevelt
b) Muir
c) Cousteau
d) Henry

Federal regulations that do not provide money for implementation are called
a) unfunded mandates
b) unfunded incentives
c) rebated mandates
d) rebated incentives

Which level of government is most responsive to citizen input
a) local
b) state
c) federal
d) no answers are correct

Muir helped save
a) Yosemite valley
b) Red Falls
c) Migron River
d) Grand Canyon

The number of original leaks in BP oil spill
a) 3
b) 2
c) 1
d) 4

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