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Which of the following issues hinders efforts to achieve sustainability?
a) all are correct
b) who will solve environemental problems
c) who is responsible
d) who pays cost

Where should you get information about environmental issues?
a) all are sources
b) scientific journals
c) tv news
d) internet

An organized attempt to influence the secisions of lawmakers is called
a) lobbying
b) debating
c) informing
d) coercing

Which of these planned projects would you NOT need to file an EIS
a) residental add on
b) airport
c) road
d) bridge

The government offers low-interest loans to people who build solar homes. This is an example of
a) economic incentives
b) economic bargins
c) regulation
d) marketing plus

A government restricts the production of a certain chemical. This is an example of
a) regulation
b) incentive
c) economic failure
d) marketing plus

Which level of government would you contact if you were concerned about erosion in your neighborhood.
a) local
b) federal
c) state
d) none of the above

Solutions to environmental problems require
a) all answers are correct
b) individual action
c) cooperation of many people
d) basis of scientific methods and knowledge

Which is NOT true about the law of the sea
a) it calls for monitoring of the health of marine organisms
b) states deep sea resources are shared
c) addresses ocean pollution from land run off
d) calls for monitoring of ocean run off

Which field of study should be taken into acount when planning for a sustainable society>
a) all are correct
b) politcal science
c) environmental science
d) economics

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