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Why was the Holy Land important?
a) It is the center of Europe
b) The Catholic Church is located there
c) It is sacred to all of the world's religions
d) It is sacred to the 3 main religions

Under the system of feudalism, each person was loyal to those who...
a) Had more land and wealth
b) Worked on their lands
c) Controlled the whole kingdom
d) Had been knighted by a lord

During the Middle Ages, the largest and most powerful religion in Western Europe was...
a) Roman Catholic Church
b) Eastern Orthodox Church
c) Protestant Church
d) Church of England

The Renaissance was not a single event, but rather a...
a) Series of events
b) Results of many events
c) Widespread change in culture
d) Movemtne

The Renaissance movement developed in
a) Italy
b) England
c) Greece
d) France

A main focus of Renaissance visual artists was
a) Abstract images
b) Religious scenes
c) Impressionism
d) Nature and the human form

Christopher Columbus sailed to the Americas under the support of...
a) Holland
b) Spain
c) Great Britain
d) Portugal

A city built on a hill...
a) Agora
b) Acropolis
c) Savanna
d) Quran

The market place in ancient Greece
a) Agora
b) Acrop[olis
c) Savanna
d) Quran

The place of worship for Muslims
a) Church
b) Mosque
c) Temple
d) Manor

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