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What item did the people of West Africa usually trade to get salt?
a) Gold
b) Water
c) Bronze
d) Silk

How did the Incas keep records?
a) On Clay tablets
b) On quipus
c) Using turkey quills to write
d) They carved them into the stone

Besides communication, one of the main purposes of Incan roads was to...
a) Keep worksers busy
b) Use up tax money
c) Remind later people of the Incas
d) Allow the army to travel quickly

The Incan ruler was called ______ or
a) Quechua
b) Pizarro
c) Sapa Inca
d) Machu Picchu

The Incas increased farmland by building...
a) Roads and bridges
b) Huge cities
c) Army supply stations
d) Terraces

A famous Chinese thinker...
a) Tang Taizong
b) Confucius
c) Tokugawa Leyasu
d) Timur

Japanese warriors followed a strict set of rules called...
a) Bushido
b) Chivalry
c) Daimyo
d) Kamikaze

Unlike the earlier muslim rulers, Akbar the great allowed the Hindus of India to...
a) End their cast system
b) Practice their religion freely
c) Reclaim their gold and jewels
d) Works as teachers and craftspeople

Most peasants needed a lord's permission to...
a) Have Children
b) Marry or leave the mannor
c) Farm the lord's land
d) Supply their own needs

What was so important about the Magna Carta?
a) It allowed for free trade
b) It gave peasants the right to vote
c) It limited the kings power
d) It freed slaves in England

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