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Which European countries did the South expect to get support from?
a) Britain and France
b) Spain and Britain
c) Spain and France
d) Mexico and Canada

The bloodiest day of the entire Civil War was the Battle of
a) Antietam
b) Shiloh
c) Gettysburg
d) Cold Harbor

During the Civil War, women served as
a) nurses
b) cooks
c) spies
d) laundresses

The right to a hearing before being jailed is guaranteed by
a) habeas corpus
b) eminent domain
c) ex post facto
d) First Amendment

Which battle began when Southern troops entered a town looking for shoes?
a) Gettysburg
b) Shiloh
c) Antietam
d) Vicksburg

The North's plan to split the Confederacy in two was the
a) Anaconda Plan
b) Great Divide
c) Copperhead Crunch
d) Python Power Pull

What was a Northern goal?
a) To reunite the country
b) To punish the South
c) To recognize the South as an independent nation
d) To end slavery

The Battle of the Monitor and the Merrimac was historic because
a) they were the first ironclad ships
b) the battle was fought on Lake Erie
c) they were the first clipper ships
d) the battle was fought on the Mississippi River

Which battle lasted two days and was one of the most bloody fighting of the war?
a) Shiloh
b) Chattanooga
c) Chickamauga
d) Murfreesboro

Abraham Lincoln signed this document during the Civil War
a) Emancipation Proclamation
b) Fugitive Slave Law
c) 13th Amendment
d) Constitution

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