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The first scientist to discover inertia
a) Aristotle
b) Einstein
c) Newton
d) Galileo

White light is the combination of
a) all the colors together
b) red and blue light
c) any light passing through the prism
d) two or more adjacent colors in the color spectrum

Sound and light
a) obey the same laws of reflection
b) all of the above are true
c) have different speeds
d) both travel as waves

When a ball rolls down a hill, as it\'s speed increases it\'s acceleration
a) increases
b) stops
c) remains unchanged
d) decreases

A karate chop delivers a force of 3000 N to a board that breaks. The force that acts on the hand during the event is
a) less than 3000 N
b) 1500 N
c) More than 3000 N
d) 3000 N

The force that propels a rocket is provided by
a) gravity
b) The atmosphere against which the rocket pushes
c) Its exhaust gases
d) Newton\'s laws of motion

The number of waves passing by in a second is known as the
a) wavelength
b) period
c) amplitude
d) frequency

Which of these does not belong in the family of electromagnetic waves?
a) light
b) sound
c) radio waves
d) x-rays

A rubbed balloon will stick to a wooden wall, which demonstrates charge
a) transfer
b) polarization
c) conservation
d) potential

Raising a heavy load requires work. Raising it twice as high requires
a) half as much work
b) the same work
c) twice the work
d) four times the work

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