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The difference between speed and velocity most involves:
a) direction
b) amount
c) different units
d) acceleration

If a charging bull has kinetic energy, it must also have
a) potential energy
b) momentum
c) work
d) all of these

Legend tells us that Newton realized that the idea of falling apples applies to
a) apples
b) gravity
c) both of these
d) neither of these

The force of gravity between two objects depends on their
a) mass
b) distance apart
c) both of these
d) neither of these

While a projectile moves horizontally with no change in motion, it moves vertically
a) also with no change in motion
b) under the influence of gravity
c) equal vertical distances in equal times
d) none of these

Mechanical energy applies to
a) potential energy
b) kinetic energy
c) both potential and kinetic energy
d) conservation of momentum

The impulse-momentum relationship is a direct result of Newton's
a) 1st law
b) 2nd law
c) 3rd law
d) law of gravity

According to newton's first law of motion
a) objects at rest tend to remain at rest
b) onjects in motion tend to remain in motion
c) both of these
d) none of these

When you skid to a stop on your bicycle, you heat up the
a) ground
b) bicycle tire
c) both
d) neither

A cat and a mouse run down the hallway with the same KE. The faster moving one is the
a) cat
b) mouse
c) both run at the same speed
d) can't say

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