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When finding an unconscious person you check for signs of life for no longer than
a) 2 seconds
b) 10 seconds
c) 30 seconds
d) 2 minutes

If you suspect someone is going into schock you should NOT give them
a) comfort
b) a blanket
c) water
d) reassurance

The three steps to follow in an emergency are:

The first step in operating an AED is
a) shake it
b) put the pads on the victim
c) plug it in
d) turn it on

What do you do after the breaths go in for an unconscious adult?
a) begin CPR
b) check the mouth for an object
c) retilt the head
d) check for signs of life

The number of cycles of CPR that should be performed for an adult in 2 minutes is
a) 2
b) 5
c) 7
d) 10

What do you do for an unconscious adult after the head tilt, chin lift and checking for signs of life?
a) ask the victim if they are
b) call 9-1-1
c) retilt the head
d) give 2 rescue breaths

You give 2 minutes of this if you find an unconscious child and you are alone:
a) check
b) care
c) observation
d) call

You should move an injured person ONLY when
a) they are panicking
b) they are cold/hot
c) the scene becomes unsafe
d) they ask to be moved

What is the compression to breath ratio for an adult, child, and infant?
a) 30:2
b) 15:2
c) 1:5
d) 3:2

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